Volunteer in Ghana


While in Ghana we volunteer with Adanu, a leading non-profit organization that builds global partnerships to empower underdeveloped rural communities.

We’re GHANA Rock!

We're Ghana Rock 5

Your support has helped build 3 schools and a community radio station in Ghana – It’s time to celebrate!

Adaklu Dawanu 2013

RTA 2013

In February 2013, a group from the RTA School of Media at Ryerson traveled to Adaklu Dawanu to help set up a community radio station and build a school.

In the Media

Learn more about our projects in Ghana from these news stories & interviews:  Read More

Recent Blog Posts

Jason Vermes and "Chief" in Adaklu Dawanu, Ghana


Jason Vermes and "Chief" in Adaklu Dawanu, Ghana What’s the connection between volunteering in Ghana and happiness? Jason Vermes answers this question in this audio feature The Search for Happiness and explores why, in the western world, we all seem to be so unhappy much of the time. This piece was produced for Accessible Media Incorporated. Have a listen and find out what happiness is all about. http://wpc.2269.edgecastcdn.net/002269/mps/Accessible_Media_Inc._VMS/249/639/April_28_2013_Contact_Special_-_The_Search_For_Happiness.mp3  Read More

Looking back on RTA in Ghana

By Karina Sheinerman, 2nd year RTA School of Media student Karina Sheinerman, 2nd year RTA School of Media student Today marks 5 weeks since my fellow RTA students/professors and I returned from our breath-taking trip to Ghana, Africa – a two-week journey that is now eternally engraved in my mind, heart and soul. The memories that I’ve brought back home to Canada with me will forever be cherished, and the people I met will always be in my heart. Thank you to Ghana for an unforgettable... 

Video: the next best thing to being there

RTA in Ghana 2013 – A retrospective video Produced by Dana Lee This 13-minute video gives a glimpse into some of our experiences in Adaklu Dawanu, at Wli Waterfall, at the Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary, and more.  Read More